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Oh Yeah. I Bought Some Herbs (and a Gerber Daisy)

30 Apr

I decided about a week ago to start growing my own herbs (the legal kind of course). I go through a good amount of basil and rosemary, so I figured I should at least have some on hand. I find it interesting that you can buy a small basil plant for around $3.50, while buying it from the grocery store is nearly the same. Highway robbery!

I am still new to taking non-craptastic photos, but I think I did a damn good job.

I LOVE the way the herbs smell in the living room. The trouble has been finding a space that provides direct sunlight for 5+ hours in a day. My bedroom seems to get good light, so I assume they will rent a space on my window sill.

I definitely felt like I was doing a marijuana photo shoot, taking pictures of plants and what not.

If I had the room, money and free time, I would go into a full scale urban indoor garden. That takes more dedication than I am willing to put forth. Probably ever.

Gerber daisies and orchids are my favorite flowers, and having one of them in the house brings me a good amount of joy. The little things in life are generally the best.

Let’s hope I don’t kill the plants before I get a chance to use them!


My Kitchen

15 Feb

I will be posting recipes later in the day but for now I post pictures of my kitchen so you can understand my space restrictions. It is quite small so you will often see food boxes, the sink, or the living room in the background.

As you can see, I barely have enough room for a cutting board and a mixing bowl. God forbid anything takes a tumble into the sink!

Again, no real counter space but I do have a sexy stand up mixer. That is all for this morning. Recipes for collard greens and hash brown quiche to follow later today!