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Oh Yeah. I Bought Some Herbs (and a Gerber Daisy)

30 Apr

I decided about a week ago to start growing my own herbs (the legal kind of course). I go through a good amount of basil and rosemary, so I figured I should at least have some on hand. I find it interesting that you can buy a small basil plant for around $3.50, while buying it from the grocery store is nearly the same. Highway robbery!

I am still new to taking non-craptastic photos, but I think I did a damn good job.

I LOVE the way the herbs smell in the living room. The trouble has been finding a space that provides direct sunlight for 5+ hours in a day. My bedroom seems to get good light, so I assume they will rent a space on my window sill.

I definitely felt like I was doing a marijuana photo shoot, taking pictures of plants and what not.

If I had the room, money and free time, I would go into a full scale urban indoor garden. That takes more dedication than I am willing to put forth. Probably ever.

Gerber daisies and orchids are my favorite flowers, and having one of them in the house brings me a good amount of joy. The little things in life are generally the best.

Let’s hope I don’t kill the plants before I get a chance to use them!